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Monday, August 14th, 2006
9:23 am
Yesterday we went to my grandmas house. At first I stayed outside with Bella, petting the kittens there. When I went inside, Ryan was putting something inside a box. I thought it was another kitten that was abandoned, but it turned out to be a small bunny! Grandma had found it outside, because the cats had gotten it. We let it go, but it was still really cute.

Bella has been fasinated with one of the wheels on the computer chair. She was scratching at the floor, and biting the wheel.

I have mixed feelings about school. I cant wait for it because I was homeschooled for a year and want to know what I missed and all that, but then I dont want it to start because I dont want summer to be over. I am trying to enjoy summer, but I keep thinking of school. I wrote down what I wanted to do before school starts, but it was so I could use my binder and paper. I dont know.

Current Mood: confused
Sunday, August 13th, 2006
9:06 am
I have a pimple in my ear. O.o
Part of last night I slept on the couch. It was because I was woken up by a mouse. It sounded like it was scratching at something in this one corner by my door. It would not shut up, even when I threw my shoe in that direction and it hit the wall with a big thump. I tried to sleep through it, but I couldnt. So I grabbed my blanket and slept on the couch. Ugh, finally went back to my bed when someone else got up to use the bathroom. My mouse trap wasnt snapped this morning, so I am going to have to sort through that corner and see what the mouse is trying to get at.

Bella is a pain. The first night she kept whining and whining, she didnt want to sleep in my room, she kept wanting to go out and play, she finally fell asleep when Mom took her into their room. Mom said she conked out almost imediatly. Bella has been sleeping in mom and dads room from then on. Bella also likes to bark, alot. And bite. And chew. Sometimes she can be alot of fun though. I sure am getting exercise with her. I dont like having Bella in my room though. First, she likes to chew on the blanket I have that is already falling apart. Second, I like having my cat in my room, and Critter just doesnt like Bella. Third, I like to be able to sleep in, not having Bella charge in with her puppy breath and dog slobber to wake me up. Fourth, like mom found out this morning, I dont have to keep my room as clean if she isnt in there to get into everything. :P

Harvest is going on over here, and Mom is gone with Dad alot. I am guessing to keep him company and to help where she can, so she can learn how to do this and let him to have to work so hard. This one landlord they have, Wesly, or something like that, hangs around them alot. Dont exactly know why, but he doesnt since 'the incident!'

'The incident' is what happened when dads combine wouldnt start. He needed it jumped. So, they pull up his pickup and take some jumper cables, but it still wont start. So this guy Wesely takes them and starts to touch the negative and postive parts together and making them spartk to see if they wont work. My mom thinks, "Oh man, this is getting dangerous!" So she moves to the front of the machine to dads view, and motions Wesley putting the tips together. Anyway, when he finally puts them back on the battery, dad tries to start it again and KA-BOOM!! He had switched them. It blew up both batteries in the combine. There was battery acid everywhere. It was a big mess. Luckly no one was hurt.

Current Mood: silly
Sunday, July 23rd, 2006
5:10 pm
Busy day!!!!!!!!
Okay, so we went over to my grandmas, who is doing better, and we decided to go to a fruit stand a ways away. WE go, and it is a cool place. Has alot of tourist items, and alot of fresh fruit. We got zuchinni, corn, and a watermelon. It was alot of fun, and Grandma seemed to enjoy the trip. WE went to the store before coming home, and picked up a Nickel Saver. Inside was a thing for a rottwieler puppy. Mom called the number, and asked about it, and they said they had a potential buyer, and it was a female. Mom gave our phone number, told we live on a farm, things like that. Minutes later we got a call back, and the person on the phone had talked to her husband, and they decided to let us have the puppy!!! Mom and dad are gone right now to pick her up. I have all these questions, like what will her name be, how will we train her, on the bed or not? General things like that. Cant wait till they get back! Will try to post pictures! :D

Current Mood: bouncy
Friday, July 14th, 2006
9:11 am
Last night I had a strange dream. Okay, from what I remember, I was home, and about to go to bed. Then I realized that Ryan had left the car in Moses Lake. ? He was playing computer, mom and dad was sleeping, and Jeff was playing his game boy. ? How could the car be in Moses?! Anyway, then I was in Moses Lake. I got in the car, and then I was waking up. I was in the back seat, and the car was driving itself! I remember thinking, autopilot is cool! Then I crawled in the back to find my bed? And fell asleep. I remember looking at the clock inside and it being eleven o'seven. It was strange, seeing how the headlights were on, the steering wheel wasnt moving, but I remember going down past some grain bins on the way to Ephrata, and barely seeing some barns and cows in the light of the headlights. 0.o

One dream I remember I had about eight years ago. I have diffrent versions every so often. Okay, we are taking a road trip. We decide to stop to explore some cave we had seen on other trips. So, we pull over and get out to look. It is huge, and it looks like it has a big metal gate drawn up. "Stalagmites!" Anyway, we go in and the "stalagmites" fall. It was a huge metal gate. So, we have no choice, we go forward. First, there is a paper or thin cloth bridge. It is along one wall. So, dad puts his foot on it to see if it is sturdy. It was. So, he goes across, and then everyone else. I remember looking over the side of the bridge, to water below. It has alligators in it. After we are across, there are some stone steps leading down. Down them is a big circular room. It has several doors, some have a big metal door. We all decide to explore them for a way out. Jeff goes in one, and I was following when a gate came down so I couldnt. Looking around, all the gates where down, and my family was no where in site. Then I woke up.

Current Mood: dreamy
Saturday, July 8th, 2006
11:50 am
Sorry for not updating...
We used to go to Grandmas house twice a day. Now we are going over once per day. Grandma has lost a lot of weight, and she is sad a lot. Doesn’t cry as often as she used to, but she isn’t doing anything. We had went through a bunch of old pictures and photo albums looking for pictures of Grandpa. Grandma didn’t look at them. Mom is trying to get her budget and everything in order. Turns out, there was a mortgage on the house, and a bunch of other problems I don’t know about.

Fourth of July was boring. We decided not to buy fireworks. All we had are some fire crackers. The first one I lit off went right for me. Hopefully this Saturday we are going to do some of the fireworks from last year, since our Aunt Debbie came to see Grandma.

We had a bit of excitement today. There was a fire. Jeffrey and me were playing Jet Force Gemini. We hear yelling so we go out. We try asking people what was wrong but they were too busy running around. The embers had fallen out of the barbeque pit through the drain hole and had set the dry grass under it on fire. The fire had spread close to the wheat. We got a hose out and put out the fire, and now they are outside making sure the fire is out. The pit was in front of our garage. The garage is out by the wheat field. So when the grass set fire, it automatically spread.

At Grandmas house, she has two batches of kittens. One batch is black, and the other has orange and grey and black. They are both cute. The more mixed one is older.

We have our pool up. Jeff and me went swimming every day until recently. I have been sunburned, but it is mostly gone.

Last Saturday I baby sat. See, our distant cousin Ursula called and asked for a baby sitter. Basically, I was her last resort. So, Mom dropped me off half way from Coulee City, and Ursula picked me up. I was to sleep over there. So, I played with the kid, a game where we pretended to be diffrent animals. Then it was bed time and the two year old asked to sleep in the same room as me. Her grandma let her, and the girl, Mekenzie, kept me up. She cant sleep without the TV on, so of course I cant sleep with it on. I did manage to doze off after Mekenzie bugged me a bit, and when I woke up she was asleep. I turned off the tv and went to sleep myself. I woke up around four thirty. Ursula came into the room around five, and told me basically not to use the phone, and that Mekenzie would wake up later. Then she went back to her room, I wrongly assumed. She had left, and I was hoping to ask her a few more questions. So, Mekenzie woke up, we watched a bit more TV, and she wanted breakfast. I fed her cereal, which Ursula said was alright. We played a little, and Mekenzie bent over kind of weird. I asked if she was alright and she said she had thrown up a bit in her mouth. So, I rinsed her mouth out and she said she wanted to talk to Ursula. So I called the place where she works and talked to her a bit. Near the end of the conversation I started to cry. I used the lame excuse I was homesick. So, she called her regular baby sitter. Not after calling my mom, who called me. I was better, and felt I could do this when Ursula called saying that I could call my mom and go home. So, mom picked me up after Mekenzie was picked up by the other baby sitter, Renee. I got ten bucks from it. Man, I kinda wish now I got more of a chance.

After we got my money, we went to the library. I checked out about seven thick books. I have already read about three. I like our library, it has everything easy to find and they have some great books.

Current Mood: indescribable
Tuesday, June 13th, 2006
4:40 pm
Grandpa had to go back to the hospital. I dont know the exact reasoning, but he did. Well, yesterday we got news he wasn’t doing so well. He might not survive the night. So we called the hospital and was told by relatives that we couldn’t come by. He survived the night and all. Today we drove down to Moses Lake, where he was in intensive care. He was suffering from internal bleeding and failed kidneys. They were transferring him to Wenatchee, for dialysis. We managed to get to the hospital in time to say hi to Grandma and give her hugs. We saw them load up Grandpa into the ambulance so he could leave. This time he was in intensive care or emergency or whatever, and they said he had problems in the ambulance ride there. He held on till dad got there. Mom says that he waited until he heard Daddies voice. Dad and mom were able to pass on our love, along with our Aunt Debbie’s. We stayed in the car like we did all the other times. Then, he was gone. I guess he was unconscious when dad came, and once he heard we all loved him, Grandpa went. He was never a big part in our lives, we didn’t visit all that often and had a few arguments with them, but I still loved him. I think that I didn’t cry that much, but every time someone said I love you, or showed any affection like that, or anyone else crying, I did too. I remember that Grandma and Grandpa had peacocks at their house, and once when I went into a spare bedroom, there were all these tail feathers. I ran out of the room, because they were all staring at me. Grandpa would sit on the porch swing and watch the birds, or sit at the table doing puzzles. I loved him a lot, but since he wasn’t a big part of my life, I cant believe he is gone. But he is, and I cannot deny the truth. Grandma is taking it hard. She said that Grandpa was the love of her life, and she couldn’t believe he was gone. She cried a lot, and I love her. I am afraid though that maybe without Grandpa, she will die soon too, of a broken heart. I love them both so much.
Good bye Grandpa.

Current Mood: So, so sad.
Friday, June 9th, 2006
8:28 pm
If I could only update my journal as often as I post on my communities. 0.o

I have a big rug burn close to my elbow that is sore, and for the past night me and my little brother slept in a tent. Schools out! Since I am homeschooled, we really got out Tuesday. Ryan had a Maniners game he went to Thursday, and got out of school today. We got a school newspaper thing saying that one of the teachers that was big on discipline was going to be vice-principal, so Jeff is spending seventh grade in public school. I am going to high school, so mom is going to take on extra classes.

While Ryan was at the Mariners game, Mom taught me how to make curly fries, which was really good. Man, I so did not feel good that day, I ate too much. Tonight, I keep wanting to eat more after dinner, lol.

My grandpa, Dads side, has been in the hospital.He had some problem on the bottom of his foot or something. Grandpa Bolyard is home now, after mom and dad visited him in the hospital, bringing get well cards. We keep trying to arrange visits, but Grandpa is tired.

Todays Random thought: Um...Life is exciting with my family.

Current Mood: mellow
Sunday, May 21st, 2006
12:00 pm
Reading my friends page made me want to post...
My parents are talking about camping, hiking, backpacking. Sounds cool. I have already choosen what backpack I am going to use, and I dont even know when we might be going. :P Oh well, should be fun. I am going to 'pack' so I can see how heavy the pack is going to be with all the stuff inside. Mom or dad was telling a story about how this one guy was packing to go backpacking. He put all this stuff in his bag. His friend was watching, and he said that he had cut his toothbrush short, and that you want as little extra weight as possible. So they go hiking up a cliff, and the guy who packed alot got tired and started to fling things out of he's bag. Getting to the camp site, he realized that he had thrown out most of the important things out of his bag. Lol.

I am learning spanish. Typing some of that paragraph, I see several works I am tempted to put in spanish, Like tired, cansado. I think, hope. Maybe I would remember some of them better if I did use them in a sentence. I think I will do that, and at the end I will translate them. That ought to help.

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Monday, May 15th, 2006
7:47 am
Home at last
Well, we got home safely. It was fun. We arrived at Grandma and Grandpas stumps house before dark, and we were able to set up the tent in time to talk alot to everyone. We all sat around a camp fire and mom and her brother John talked about what happened when they were kids, like dressing John up as a girl, then him jumping out a window and knocking on the door. We also went rock hunting, and made a rock garden for Grandma. Dads sister Debbie came over. That was alot of fun because she is. Grandpa has a potato gun. You stick the end in the potato and then pull the trigger. It shoots a litle potato piece at you. Talking with Grandma was fun. Then on Saturday Moms sister Julie came over. She brought her bunch, and that was fun. We ate barbeque that Mom had brought, and baked beans, and really what you would eat around a campfire. Sunday we left around 10:30, and ate Burgerville for breakfast. Then we were on the way home. We stopped at a trail, walked it, and stopped near a river to throw rocks in. My family is really fun during vacations.

Current Mood: indescribable
Wednesday, May 10th, 2006
7:51 am
Busy week
This weekend we are going to my Grandparents, The Stumps, house. My moms sister is supposed to be there with her fiance and they are bringing five kids, two of his and three of hers. We are all trying to think of fun things to do with the five kids, and I think it is going to be fun. It is going to be an interesting weekend. I am so looking forward to it. We are bringing the tent we bought, and are going to camp out in it. We have been doing a lot of preparation for it. We have the sleeping bags rolled up, Jeffreys mat rolled up, (He didnt like the green air matresses so we got him an egg carton one) Mom and dad bought themselves an air matress, that is ready to go, I am packed, I think Jeffrey is packed, the small tent is rolled up, and we are going to roll the big one up and pack it today. Yesterday around 5:30 mom, dad, and me went for a walk up the dirt road. I picked alot of flowers, and today for homeschool we have to identify them. Havent found any tics on me, but last night some fleas? attacked the bottome left corner of my face. It itches, but if I dont itch it, it goes away. I hope... Anyway, the reason we went on the walk is we want to climp Beagon rock again! Last time we climbed it we had a little picnic, and it was alot of fun.

Mama kitty might have her babies soon. We put an old blanket where she likes to sleep. I am a bit worried about Felix. He seems slow moving and tired. It might be that he explores all the time, but last time I saw him he seemed okay. Not too worried.

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Friday, April 28th, 2006
1:45 pm
We got a tent!
Two days ago my family, except Jeff, went to walmart at 7:50. We had to buy bread, cause earlier that day Jeff and me ate it all. (Oops...) Anyway, mom and dad looked at the tents, and they saw the spot for one they wanted. (They had looked online for a tent) It was empty. So mom asked if they had any in the back, and sure enough they did! So, we now have a tent. It is really cool. Last night we set it up and figured it all out. It has three rooms. The way it works is they have thes sheet things that can be tied up that form the two small rooms on the side. Jeff and me slept in it last night. It was cold and we woke up several times last night, but it was really fun. We keep going out and reading in it now! Lol. Well, I am going to go read! :D

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Wednesday, April 26th, 2006
12:15 pm
Yesterday Jeff and me went outside before our homework was done. He wanted to play with some bionicles or something, but I didnt want to. Instead, I got him to play a game, where we have to try to keep a hackie sack the longest. I ran into the garden area, and he grabbed me and started to pinch my arm and side. We stopped the game, and sat down on a collection of cinder blocks we had arranged so that there was kinda a pyrimid base there. My whole arm was turning red, and we were arguing. During a break in it, I started to call the girl cat who was across the garden. We were sitting on two seperate cinder blocks with one inbetween us. The one inbetween us was resting on two others, raising it off the ground. I was patting it, trying to get the girl kittie to come sit on it. Jeff then pushed it off the others, right onto my bare foot. I imediatly got up and started to cry. I limped to the house, walking through two sprinkelers. Opening the door, mom was watching a school video. She heard me crying and stopped the movie, and brought me to the bathroom. turning on some cold water in the tub and putting it under, I stopped crying. The water on my foot was hard and hurt. I guess it was fast or something. Any way, she turned off the water, and put neosporn on a spot that was BLEEDING! My pinky toe was all red and starting to swell. At that time Jeff came in the house. I guess the whole time he was watching me laughing. I dont know. That is what it seemed like. Anyway, he looked at it and said sorry. Mom came in and got me to go to the couch, and she elevated my foot. It was the pinky toe that got the worse, and near the base was the spot it was bleeding. So after a while I went to my room and elevated it while reading. Mom came in and looked at it a few times, then went outside and called dad on the cell, cause we dont get reception inside. Then she made a doctors appointment. Our old doctor recently moved, so they had a replacement. My toe got numb after a while, but soon it felt better. The appointment was for two, but we ended up cancelling it. They had thought it was broken, but today it feels better. It is even normal colored, and not bruised like it should have been. The bleeding spot The only sighn it happened, but it hurts. At least it wasnt broken, but I am still mad at Jeff.

Current Mood: sore
Monday, April 17th, 2006
8:00 am
Going ons
Kinda forgot about this. So much has happened. Here goes!

My mom had the idea to buy these pellet soil things, where you add water and they swell so you can plant seeds in it. Jeff's has grown huge, and today we are transplanting a few, because it is still to cold to plant them outside. This is going to be hard, since all the roots have combined the pellets. I have a few that need to be transplanted, but that is going to be easier then Jeffs.

I bought a mountain bike from Walmart around Monday. It has 10 speeds, and it is purple and in really good shape. It was about $36. I have only riden it once, but I know this summer I am going to ride it more. My old bike has a ripped seat, and I have had it for several years. We had to replace the petals a while ago, since they cracked and broke. It was on that bike that I learned to ride, but it was also the one that in Fifth grade I ripped my favorite coat on the chain. I really like my new bike, but it is going to have to take some getting used to having the brakes on the front and not back peddaling to stop it.

Easter was fun. Saturday we colored eggs, and hid them. We found all the ones that Ryan hid, and I offered to have Jeff hide them next, but he didnt. So, I hid them and we found all but one. We stayed out till 8:30 trying to find it, but gave up. Then, easter we went and looked for the ones Jeff hid, and Ryan found my egg from yesterday. We colored 25 eggs, but by today we have 20. 5 had cracked from falling and us putting them in bad spots. I dont like eggs, so Ryan and Jeff had to eat them. I mutilated one by squeezing it, but that was because Ryan did and it was cool. From our easter baskets we we got some Starburst jelly beans, small chocolate eggs, a chocolate bunny, and bubble tape. We also got a foam glider. I didnt eat alot of my candy yesterday because I arranged my candy into a picture. The reason for this was because someone I know was having a contest of who could make the best picture. Today, though...Muwahahaha

So we get a call from a neighbor Last week. They had a grey cat picking on their cat. So mom said that could be our cat. Then, later when we look outside, we have 3 grey cats outside, and one is bugging the girl cat. Going to feed them, we see it is the grey cat we put at the cattle ground. We think, well, nothing we can do. Then mom comes out to fix the rotatiller, and Cow is by her. The grey cat comes up and attacks him. Mom got a claw in her leg. We locked the two boy grey cats in the barn. Things have been a lot more peacful arond the yard. That day mom transplanted some plants that was choking dads plants to diffrent spaces in the yard. It looks alot better.

Speaking of looking better, easter mom and dad attacked the garage. The inside looks alot better. They got rid of 4 pickup loads of junk. We can now park the lawn mower in alot further, and my bike has a place now instead of it being next to the new car. If things keep going at this rate, we will be able to park a third car in there.

Jeff is soo annoying. Every morning, weekend or school day, he runs into my room to see if I am awake. this morning, I had move my face out of the sun, and he comes in my room, and practically yells abouve me, "I see your awake!" I wasnt. I had fallen asleep like that. Grr.

So, over all it has been busy. It was a nice weekend though.

Current Mood: sleepy
Friday, April 7th, 2006
7:23 pm
We have an outdoor cat named Cow. He has been picked on lately by another outdoor cat. Cow has all these scabs and scratches on him, and he is really thin. We gave him some food today keeping the other three cats away, and he ate his fill. I hate how this cat picks on all the others. We went out to look for Cow because we saw the gray cat chasing him...and we found the cat picking on another black cat. The black cat, Felix, was thin too, so we gave him some food too. It got windy tonight, and I am glad they had the food for warmth. It drives me crazy that the grey cat will drive Cow or Felix away. It is hard lately to find Cow. I am thinking of asking my mom to let me keep them in my room. I would feed them, and if they sprayed, I would clean it up. I would also take care of his cat box, or we could figure something else out. But we had Cow in my room today to eat and he ate then wanted to be pettted. He didnt explore at all. So maybe mom will say yes? Please? His ear has a big scab on it. Or we would get rid of that grey kitty. I dont know. I am just worried about them.

Current Mood: worried
Monday, April 3rd, 2006
3:49 pm
Love Ya!
Well, today I got my present from my grandma stump. It is a neckalace. I love it. It has a simple silver heart on a pink leather string, strap, thread? I have no idea what it is called. The box says it is a hanging heart cord pendant. The leather is soft, and because I know from experiance that the leather will get hard, I am not going to wear it that often. The heart has stones going along the bottom of it, and I just love it! It is so pretty. Along with that, I got some hair ties. Thank goodness that they are the bigger kind, and mom prefers the small kind. Earlier today I was looking for a hair tie, and I couldnt find any. That is the thing that we need in the house, hair ties. They are soft. We also got 3 hats for the boys, and mom and dad got t-shirts. They are all pretty cool. I am going to take some pictures later and try to figure out how to put them on here. We'll see.

Today we went to Walmart. Mom had a project to watch people talking on their cell phones. We wandered around all the isles looking for people talking. It was really funny. After a while, it got really busy. We got the rest of what we wanted, and left.

We planted seeds inside today. We got this tray that had soil pellets or whatever they are called. You add water and the swell, you add the seed, and wait for it to grow. We had alot of fun today, but I am really tired. It is raining right now.

Current Mood: tired
Wednesday, March 29th, 2006
8:27 pm
Spring is here, on my brothers Birthday!
Well, Jeffs birthday was today. He got to open his present this morning, and I was woken up for it. *Grumbles* lol. It was a game cube game, and he has been playing it all day. I did get him to go play outside, but he said, "I'm hungry. I am going in to eat a bratworste." So he went in, and after waiting for a while, I went in to see what was going on. He was playing his game with Ryan. He had forgotten all about his lunch. Jeff does that all the time, and it makes me feel like I am not worth his time. Worse, mom was trying to take a nap, and the boys were being all loud. So, we all got in trouble. I hate being in trouble.

Today we were all eating cake and ice cream, and someone made some comment about how quiet it was. So, I said that was because when Mom was gone, Jeffrey dissapeared upstairs and acted like he doesnt exist. Mom said after that that she lets Jeff do that, but it is all because of me that there are so many problems. Does my family realize that that is teasing, and I left school because of it? mom is my teacher, so her saying that really hurts. Also, mom asked for some one to do the dishwasher, and no one did. So I ended up doing it because Jeff was playing his game, Ryan was playing runescape, and I was closest. I once asked why she asked for my help all the time, she said it was because she knows it will get done. I tried to be like Ryan and Jeff, but ended up in trouble. If I am playing with Ryan or Jeff, and she wants a chore done, she calls on me. It gets annoying, but I sometimes am glad she can depend on me. But I think she depends on me too much. Just because the boys are always on runescape. Mom asked for someone to clean the table, and I called the guys. Jeff came, and I got in trouble for wanting help, because I had already done dishwasher, and cleaned the table off earlier, and Ryan swept. He sits in front of the computer all day, and I get stuck doing everything. Just cause he has a friend. And Jeff is always watching. I want to be helpful, and dont like it when mom is in a bad mood, so I always do everything. *Sigh*

Jeff had a really good birthday today. Grandma stopped by, and he got $10 from her. HE had alot of fun today with his video game.

Current Mood: On Jeffs b-day, Im depressed
Tuesday, March 28th, 2006
6:49 pm
Spring Bug
The spring bug has biten, hard! I thought, "Oh, it is so nice out, I dont need shoes!" Ummm, WRONG! Now I have a sliver in my left big toe, so that every so often, I will step and it will hurt. It is in the place where my toe meets my foot, so it is hard to get out, and doesnt hurt all the time. Its my fault, I walked through the garden and climbed the cedar fence without shoes.

On another note, Jeffrey birthday is tommarow. For homework, we have to watch 'The First 20 Million' then 'The Page Master.'So, homework will be funner then usual. Jeffrey didnt even finish his homework today. I did, but that was because I dont like to get in trouble.

My mom was all over the place today. There is this woman, Sally, who has a web page and asks for moms help. She keeps calling and that sort of stuff, and I feel really sorry for mom. She went to town today, gave dad lunch, walked to where dad was, and all sorts of other stuff. I am suprised she isnt exasted. I would be.

Ryan has actually pulled himself away from Runescape long enough to play outside with us lately. :O Amazing. He never pulls himself away from Runescape unless something really important. So, that was fun.

I was talking to Mom about Jeffreys birthday, and I asked her how she felt about having three teenagers in the house. She said that she was now 'over the hill.' I asked her then how long dad has been over the hill, and she said he would be tomarow. I dont think so, Dad is a 5 year old kid at heart. Mom, mom is her real age at heart, having to spend all her time with us bratty kids. Ya know, I liked being 2 years older then Jeff, but that is all over tomarow. :( Oh well. I'll live. I would go outside right now, but it is dark. lol. We keep thinking about making a pinata for Jeffs birthday, but that might not happen. we keep forgetting.

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Saturday, March 25th, 2006
7:02 pm
Today Jeffrey and Dad made a big bonfire. I was looking at a slide show with my mom, and I saw a gleam in the corner of the window. It was the fire. It was big. Now they are in, and smell all smoky.
Today was interesting. I spent alot of time outside, even though I dont know why. It was a nice day today.

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9:39 am
So much has happened
I dont know where to start.
Last night, my moms cat Booger was outside. So before we went to bed, we got him in. At 5 in the morning, he started clawing my carpet, and everytime I sat up, he would stop. So, eventually he sat on my bed, by my knee, and purred. I just want to say something. Claws+knee=ouch!!

Jeffreys birthday is 4 days. He is getting a game cube game for his present. School work has been hard. Either it is me, or it is just hard. Better then being in public school though. Does any one watch Avatar: The Last Airbender? I love that show. The Cave Of Two Lovers was sweet. If I remember more of what happened yesterday, I will post!

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Thursday, March 23rd, 2006
1:52 pm
Today we took moms cat to the old scool house across the road from our house, and he had tons of fun in there. He was rubing up against everything, and he was sniffing everything around. The reason we took him there was because when we usually play there, and come back in the cats are always sniffing us like we are someone theyve never met. Booger was outside, and when we went to the school house, he followed. It was funny.

it was a really nice day today, so Jeffrey and me went out, and I ended up taking off my shoes and coat. Jeffreys birthday is in less then a week, and he might get it taken away, just because he is so anoying. We have the idea to make a treasure chest cake and have a pirate theme. Jeff would probably love that. We could have a scavenger hunt and everything.

My gum is still sore from yesterday, but it isnt as bad as yesterday. Still cant eat any real crunchy foods, like my fav. cereal. Bummer, but at least I have teeth.

Current Mood: artistic
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